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We've been walking clients through our personal strategies for over a year. Below is what just one of our clients who started from scratch accomplished in 9 months of using these very same strategies!


What's Inside:

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The Author Blog Machine includes thorough training on blog growth, content creation and engagement/book sales strategies.



Receive lifetime access to a database of a million+ stock photos for your blog and website. Get an exclusive WordPress theme built with the needs of authors in mind. Receive easy, copy-and-paste customized sales-pitches for your book to add to each post you write.



Learn the techniques that have allowed us to grow multiple blogs to reach millions of readers. Here are just a few of the training videos included: How to write for search engines, how to rank in search engines, how to blog quickly, how to sell your book through your blog and more.


Easy Post Ideas

Forget about spending hours and hours coming up with content ideas only to find that it brings no new readers to your blog. Our post frameworks are proven formats that will hand you hundreds of ideas for posts that are perfectly built to bring new readers to your website.


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Blogging Training and Content Strategies

Whether you've only just started or are already established and ready to grow, the Author Blog Machine will train you to:

  • Select the perfect content for your audience
  • Save time and energy by writing quickly
  • Create content that gets results
Only $135.00 $75!

We've grown multiple million-reader blogs, and you don't grow a blog to that size by always writing the most difficult content. Growing your audience is done by having systems in place to create easily written content that people want to read and that Google's users are actively searching for.

In the Author Blog Machine, we teach you how to find the terms and content people are looking for, and then show you how to write content that they will love and in the end connect it all back to your book.

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Connect With Your Readers

While we built the Author Blog Machine to help bring in new traffic to your site, it is even more important to take care of your existing followers. Use our Fan Building post frameworks to write some really interesting content that your readers will be excited to read and engage with.

Sell More Books

Authors shift back and forth between being too heavy handed with pitching their books and not mentioning their book at all. With all of our post frameworks we include a tool that grabs information about your book and automatically generates text to use to promote your book at the end of each post. Whether fiction, sci-fi, Christian books or some other genre our methods will help you sell more while saying less.

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When you register, you get immediate access to all of our training, and instant access to your customized blog post frameworks. Before you know it you'll be on your way to writing content that brings in more readers, engages with current readers, and sells more books than ever before!

$135 Regular


Only $135.00 $75!

The Author Blog Machine Will...

  • Simplify your blogging process and make it easy to write
  • Give you strategies to create posts that will boost your traffic
  • Help you grow closer to your audience
  • Give you the tools to sell more books through your posts

The Author Blog Machine Will Not...

  • Waste your time on content that doesn't work
  • Show you methods we haven't tested ourselves with actual authors
  • Make you spend endless hours researching and writing worthless content
  • Cost you big bucks

The Creators of The Author Blog Machine

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CJ uses his years of publishing experience to empower authors to create brands and brilliant stories.

CJ McDaniel



Shane is a storyteller at heart and uses the written word to tell amazing stories.

Shane Morgan


If you are ready to stop paying other people to send you readers and fans, then you need the Author Blog Machine!

Only $135.00 $75!